The founder

 Ankita Parakh, was born on 17, Aug 1995 in Rajasthan. She has spent her earlier days in New Jersey post which she moved to India and completed her education from Kolkata, West Bengal. She has done her graduation from Shri Shikshayatan College. Since the age of 15, she had been writing theatricals and supporting people who were less privileged. She wants to live in a world where everyone is equally respected and women from backward classes become financially independent to overcome the poverty and the human trafficking gets stopped. She is a Certified Tax Professional and holds a Charter degree in ERP and also the youngest person to win the lead entrepreneur award at the age of 19 by National Entrepreneurs Network. She has won awards like Frank Anthony Memorial, Aurobindoghosh Institute, and also the prestigious Rabindranath Award for her works in literature. She specializes in taxation, small/micro/macro business accounting, and noncommercial accounting. Through her writing, speaking and consulting, Ankita converts tax rules and business language into clear, easy-to-understand English for readers. She additionally holds certification on Accounting and Taxing policies of twenty countries. Ankita is a member of the National Association of Tax Professionals , and was an eminent speaker for National Support Team for finance in the year 2015 . She has given varied workshops on cash management, business pop out, taxes, and budgeting to varied communities, writers, and noncommercial organizations. She presently lives in Bangalore, India. She enjoys traveling, art museums, archery, hiking and books!